Thomas Kühn, MD, supports 2 hospitals in the north of Tanzania and is on site several weeks per year. His work for the two hospitals focuses on the training of colleagues and nursing staff, but also on hands-on medical work in the outpatient clinic, in the ward and, of course, in the operating room. In doing this, her finds two things especially useful: his knowledge of the Kiswahili language acquired as a development worker in the region in the 1980s, and the fact that throughout his career he has always been active as a surgeon.


Wasso Hospital

Wasso Hospital is a small hospital at a missionary station in the north of Tanzania near the border to Kenya, in an area inhabited by the Maasai tribal community.

Now that Thomas Kühn has carried out several missions as an orthopedist and trauma surgeon in Wasso, the patients are looking forward to his arrival already long before the set date, which is announced days in advance by megaphone on the market squares in the surroundings.

Upon his arrival, he finds long lines of patients with “bone problems” waiting to be examined and treated in the outpatient clinic, since there is usually no permanent surgeon or orthopedist on site at the hospital. The OR is booked solid with surgical procedures in Dr. Kühn’s field of expertise. However, Thomas Kühn does not see his tasks exclusively in patient treatment but also in the training of local colleagues and nursing staff.


SC Hospital Mwanza

Together with the founder Thomas Brei, MD, Thomas Kühn has set himself the goal of turning the St. Clare Clinic in Mwanza into a key centre for trauma surgery and orthopedics. The need for such medical services is immense, even though Mwanza already has a major hospital. But the existing medical capacities are still far from sufficient for the more than two million inhabitants of the city and its surroundings.



The country of Tanzania and its people are amazing, too, and have a lot to offer. Click on the button to discover more about the region where the two hospitals are located, the people who live there, for instance the Maasai with their colourful traditions, as well as the impressive landscape, flora and fauna of the Serengeti.

Thomas Kühn, MD

Specialist doctor in orthopaedics and trauma surgery, outpatient surgery, sports medicine, chiropractic therapy, social medicine, rehabilitation

Seat of „Kuehn Foundation“

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